Beyond The Race To Zero

Carbon neutrality is currently heavily promoted. Accepting the science and its implications, then carbon neutrality is but an intermediate step on the pathway to addressing greenhouse impacts. Five years ago carbon neutral was considered a ‘fringe concept’ which very few businesses or the community considered; now it is ‘mainstream’.

By 2020 or 2025, will carbon neutrality be enough for society or your business’s customers given the rapid rise in global emissions and climate change impacts? This question is especially relevant if we are to achieve the Paris Accord’s goals or to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C.

Climate change is a problem your customers want addressed; they will support your business if it genuinely aids them to be a part of the solution through their use of your products or services.

Customers will reward organisations that move past a neutral position and become an active participant in the global response to greenhouse. These rewards will be in the form of enhanced reputation, leading to increased sales and market share.

Moving towards, or becoming carbon neutral are positive steps in dealing with greenhouse and we can help you along that pathway in an effective and efficient manner.

Once there you will find that you share the space with a growing number of businesses who all want to claim neutrality in the “battle against climate change”.

Some of these businesses will be your competitors and you will have to shout louder than they do just to be heard. Some will be making claims that increase the cynicism of your customers, especially if they ever read the fine print of their claims.

Our approach allows you to set the level of claim you wish to make, to act on the twin imperatives, and to demonstrate that you are focused on more than yourself.

Beyond Neutral® will move your company ahead of its competitors, leaving them at the intermediate step on the pathway to addressing greenhouse, while you have clear air to communicate your message.

Carbon neutrality is a race to zero; join Beyond Neutral® in the race to the top.

The Intermediate Step

As stated above, we believe that moving towards, or becoming carbon neutral are positive steps in deciding to deal with greenhouse.

  • we can help you along that pathway in an effective and efficient manner.

Given the science and the accelerating impacts that are being observed, questions need to be asked of carbon neutrality:

  • While it is worthwhile, does it enable claims of being part of the solution?
  • Is it enough?

Carbon neutrality effectively creates a bystander as the effects of climate change roles across them and the globe. It implies being no more an active part of the solution than not being one of “the Polluters”.

If we move past the zero emission point, we become active participants in the achievement of a solution to what is a “clear and present danger” to what we hold dear as individuals, communities and the planet.

By using the recognition of the need to not be part of the problem, we can drive the achievement of mitigation, adaptation and sustainability through our response and that of others.

Using the concept of effect multiplier, the individual response alone creates conditions that improve the result’s quality and effectiveness – added to all the other individual responses, the results will “punch above their weight” in terms of the nexus between greenhouse and achieving sustainability.  A gestalt result is possible where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

A Littering Analogy

Littering is something that has seen a marked change in attitudes over the recent decades.

We have included an analogy here to create a scenario which hopefully illuminates the idea behind moving past carbon neutrality.

Imagine you are travelling down a track in a wilderness area.

  • Throwing your rubbish onto the track is analogous to emitting greenhouse gases.
    • Your contribution is small but if everyone does it, the place is stuffed.
  • Putting your rubbish in your pocket and carrying it out is analogous to carbon neutral.
    • You are doing a good thing but what happens if you come across other’s rubbish
  • Picking up rubbish dropped by others is analogous to going past carbon neutrality.
    • Your actions help counter the negative behaviour of others.