Carbon Offsets

Renewables        People        Forests

Solar PV


Household Biogas

Waste Biomass to Energy

Run-of-River Hydro

Solar Cookers

AAC Blocks



Safe Water


Improved Forest Management

Climate change solutions helping the world’s poor and its threatened habitats

Why buy carbon offsets from Beyond Neutral?

Extensive, Global, Individualised, Independent, Integrity, Voluntary, Choice

Beyond Neutral offers bespoke offset solutions so your offset purchase is tailored to achieve your goals

Cost Effective Options

China Wind Zhangjiakou Hebei
China Wind Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province

Low cost renewables to premium forest-based

Price differences reflect project complexity, not status

Lower cost options don’t involve a trade-off in quality

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Solar PV
Solar PV

Choose What You Like

solar cooker
Solar Cooker concentrates sunlight and uses this solar energy to heat a pot

Global renewable energy, improved living conditions and forest-based projects

Accredited under highly respected, internationally recognized offset Standards

Variety gives you flexibility to better manage your carbon costs

Purchase a single project or select a mix of projects

Support high sustainability co-benefit projects

Carbon Offset Portfolio

women carrying firewood
80% of firewood gathering is undertaken by women and children

Make a Difference Beyond Carbon

Traditional stove with smoke in the air
Traditional stove with smoke in the air

Help protect, enhance and restore biodiversity in mega-diverse ecosystems

Help improve the lives of some of the world’s poorest people

Support projects that improve health and education

Carbon finance drives sustainability gains

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

Type of forest protected by REDD+ projects - Kalimantan, Indonesia
One of the forest types protected by REDD+ projects - Kalimantan, Indonesia

Who Do We Sell To?

Bonobo gathering water lily
Bonobo gathering water lily - Congo REDD+


Literally anyone, no matter how many tonnes you want

individuals, small business, corporations, governments anywhere

If you want a global solution to a global problem, we offer a huge range of projects

dirty water being collected
Dirty water being collected for use in the household - 2.2 billion people don't have access to safe water

Offering bespoke offset solutions so you can tailor your offset purchase to achieve your goals

Explore projects spread across the world through our Carbon Offset Portfolio

Our Carbon Offset Portfolio Offers You Choice

Choose projects providing renewable heat or electricity, improving living conditions or protecting carbon stored in the landscape

Access a wide and varied range of VCS, VCS+CCB and Gold Standard projects from around the world

Example of parabolic solar cooker
wind turbines at sunset
bucket style cookstove
Para, Brazil - deforestation

Renewable Heat

Household Biogas

Solar Cookers


Renewable Electricity

Solar PV


Run-of-River Hydro

Waste Biomass to Energy


Improved Living Conditions

Safe Water (Filtration)

Safe Water (Borehole Rehabilitation)



Forest Based

REDD+ (Africa)

REDD+ (Asia)

REDD+ (South America)

Review our Carbon Offset Portfolio and explore each project’s key features

Pelton wheel is one of the types of run of river hydro
two women carrying firewood
children walking to get water
Bonobo (Pan paniscus) drinking water - listed as Endangered with a decreasing population on the IUCN's Red List

Need carbon offsets for Climate Active?

All the projects we offer are Climate Active eligible

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Choose the technology type you are interested in

Types of Carbon Offset Projects

Renewable Heat, Renewable Electricity, Improved Cookstoves, Safe Water, REDD+


Support the Fossil Fuel Transition


Solar PV

Solar Cookers

Household Biogas

Run-of-River Hydro



Improving Living Conditions


Safe Water

Solar Cookers

Household Biogas



Your Climate Dollars

Protect amazing biodiversity

Empower some of the world’s poorest people

Certified and independently verified



We only sell high integrity carbon offsets

Carbon Offset Standards

Verified Carbon Standard logo

Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) offsets range from lower cost energy-based projects through to high sustainability co-benefit forest-based projects

Real, measurable, additional and permanent emission reductions conservatively estimated and independently verified

Uniquely numbered offsets tracked from issuance to retirement and transparently listed VERRA’s VCS Registry

Gold Standard logo

Each Gold Standard project contributes to at least 3 Sustainable Development Goals, consults with local stakeholders following gender-sensitive guidelines and meets environmental and social safeguards

Real, measurable, additional, permanent, conservative, verified emission reductions

Uniquely numbered, transparently listed and tracked from issuance to retirement in the Impact Registry

Climate, Community, Biodiversity Standards logo

The Climate, Community, Biodiversity (CCB) Standards can be applied to any land management project, including VCS projects, simultaneously addressing climate change, supporting local communities and smallholders, and conserving biodiversity. CCB Gold is the highest level of accreditation

Most VCS forest-based carbon offsets offered by Beyond Neutral are CCB Gold for at least one category with some projects achieving Gold level across all 3 categories – climate change, community and biodiversity

Is carbon neutral enough to avoid climate disruption?

Don’t Be a Bystander

Carbon finance drives sustainability gains

Emitting carbon costs money, so what else do your actions and offsets achieve beyond carbon neutral

Offsets with a marginally higher unit cost (cookstoves, safe water, REDD+) have significantly higher sustainability outcomes

Carbon offsets enable you to buy verified sustainability outcomes that you cannot access or create directly

Lower cost offset options means you can afford to do more

Beyond Just Carbon

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

Link your climate response to improved sustainability

A project’s sustainability co-benefits often exceed its carbon impacts

Beyond Just Neutral

Neutrality – Is It Enough?

What is going to be enough to avoid severe climate disruption?

Carbon neutrality is but an intermediate step on your climate journey

The science shows that neutral is not enough – offsets allow you to act now

Carbon neutrality creates a bystander effect: “I’m not to blame for climate change, I’m neutral

Moving past neutral, we become active participants seeking a solution to the major threat to everything we hold dear as individuals, communities and the planet

Carbon neutrality is a race to zero; going beyond carbon neutral is the race you need to win

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Buying carbon offsets from Beyond Neutral is easy

All the projects sold by Beyond Neutral are accredited under either VCS or Gold Standard , so the offset you buy has been created by a project

  • that follows a specific methodology
  • has been verified as having occurred by one of that Standard’s third party verification bodies
  • is tracked in that Standard’s Registry using a unique serial number from issuance until retirement on your behalf
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