Carbon Offsets

Featured Projects

REDD+ Cambodia

VCS 1748, Cambodia
CCB Gold: Climate, Biodiversity

Protects >445,000 ha and 17 endangered and critically endangered species

REDD+ Congo (DRC)

VCS 934, Congo (DRC)
CCB Gold: Climate, Biodiversity

Protects 300,000 ha of Bonobo habitat, improving 180,000 people’s lives

Safe Water Kenya

GS 886, Kenya

Household gravity fed water filters reduce waterborne diseases.  No need to boil drinking water using forest fuels

REDD+ Indonesia

VCS 1477, Indonesia
CCB Gold: Climate, Community, Biodiversity

Protects >150,000 ha of peat swamp forests, home to >5% of all Orangutan

REDD+ Kenya

VCS 612, Kenya
CCB Gold: Climate, Biodiversity

Protects >169,000 ha, home to over 370 animal species, from mosaic deforestation

Cookstoves Nigeria

GS 7312, Nigeria

Over 164,000 efficient, improved cookstoves reduce charcoal use

Solar Cookers China

VCS 1860, Gansu, China

49,000 solar cookers using the sun instead of coal to cook food

REDD+ Brazil

VCS 1953, Brazil
CCB Gold: Climate

Protects >53,000 ha of Amazon forest, home to 8 plant and 19 animal species on IUCN’s Red List

REDD+ Malawi

VCS 1168, Malawi
CCB Gold: Climate, Community, Biodiversity

Protects >169,000 ha, over 600 species – lions, elephants, antelopes

Run of River Hydro India

VCS 1114, India

Small scale (4 MW) electricity generation using existing irrigation reservoir on Warna River

Beyond Neutral has access to a wide and varied range of VCS, VCS+CCB and Gold Standard projects from around the globe

Why Use Beyond Neutral?

Beyond Neutral offers bespoke offset solutions so you can tailor your offset purchase to achieve your goals

Cost Effective Options

  • The more you buy, the cheaper each tonne gets
  • Lower cost options don’t involve a trade-off in quality
  • We always aim to offer the best possible price

Pick What You Like

  • Access small or large scale energy-based or forest-based projects worldwide
  • Choose offsets from highly respected, internationally recognized offset Standards
  • Support high sustainability co-benefit projects
  • Purchase offsets from either a single project or select a mix of projects
  • Variety gives you flexibility, enabling you to better manage your carbon costs

Make a Difference Beyond Carbon

  • Help improve the lives of some of the world’s poorest people
  • Help protect, enhance and restore biodiversity in mega-diverse ecosystems
  • Support projects that improve health and education

Who Does Beyond Neutral Sell to?

Anyone! Literally anyone, no matter how many tonnes you want

We sell offsets to individuals, small businesses, large companies and governments anywhere in the world

If you are ready to be a part of the global solution to a global problem, we have an huge range of projects we offer

Carbon Offset Project Types

Renewable Energy

Your carbon dollars support
the fossil fuel transition

Wind Turbines

Solar Photovoltaics

Solar Cookers

Run-of-River Hydro


Energy Efficiency

Improving energy use
reduces emissions

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Industrial Co-generation

Commercial/ Domestic


Safe Water

Forest Based

Your climate dollars help
  • protect amazing biodiversity
  • regenerate landscapes
  • empower some of the world’s poorest people



Carbon Offset Standards

VCS offsets range from lower cost energy-based projects through to high sustainability co-benefit forest-based projects.

Real, measurable, additional and permanent emission reductions conservatively estimated and independently verified.

Uniquely numbered offsets tracked from issuance to retirement and transparently listed VERRA’s VCS Registry.

Each project contributes to at least 3 Sustainable Development Goals, consults with local stakeholders following gender-sensitive guidelines and meets environmental and social safeguards.

Real, measurable, additional, permanent, conservative, verified emission reductions.

Uniquely numbered, transparently listed and tracked from issuance to retirement in the Impact Registry.

CCB Standards can be applied to any land management project, including VCS projects, simultaneously addressing climate change, supporting local communities and smallholders, and conserving biodiversity. CCBS Gold is the highest level of accreditation.

Most VCS forest based offsets offered by Beyond Neutral are CCBS Gold for at least one category with some projects Gold across all 3 – climate change, community and biodiversity.

Buying carbon offsets from Beyond Neutral is easy

Contact Us for a competitive quote and a solution orientated approach.