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Location of projects for sale in Beyond Neutral's Carbon Shop
Location of projects for sale in Beyond Neutral's Carbon Shop

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deforestation, illegal gold mining, burnt forest, cattle, road - Brazil
Deforestation in Brazil - illegal gold mining, burnt forest, cattle, road

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Sustainability beyond carbon - Beyond Neutral Carbon Shop

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

What do you want to help address, at no extra cost, with your carbon spend?

2,000,000,000 people do not have access to safe water

Over 2 billion people’s drinking water is contaminated with faeces

785 million people cannot access clean water within 15 minutes walk (one way)

6,000,000,000 people use open fires or simple, inefficient stoves

4 million people each year die prematurely from household air pollution

Almost 50% of pneumonia deaths in kids under 5 years are caused by breathing soot

3/4 of a billion people have no access to electricity, each one of them using about 22 kWh per year

Each year between 2015 and 2020, 10 million hectares were deforested

Species loss is massive, many threatened, endangered and critically endangered species are declining

Indigenous people and landless poor don’t have access to land tenure, good governance or the enforcement of their recognised rights

With so many co-benefits on offer, select a project mix targeting outcomes you value

Sustainability Beyond Carbon - massive co-benefits beyond the carbon


VCS 1748

CCB Gold:
Climate, Biodiversity

SDGs: 15
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17)

Southern Cardamom REDD+

445,339 ha project protects a critical part of Cardamom Mountains Rainforest Eco-region and part of the Indo-Burma Hotspot, a global biodiversity hotspot

Uncontrolled small-scale forest conversion to agricultural land and plantations makes it one of SE Asia’s most threatened forest landscapes

The project protects these forest habitats from fragmentation and destruction, and other threats like poaching

Supporting communities and nearly 4000 families, it provides training, employment and economic opportunities, addresses food security and improves health and education facilities

98 rangers and a 25-person community anti-poaching unit patrol the project area

Southern Cardamom protects critical habitat for 17 endangered and critically endangered species including Asian elephant, Asiatic black bear, sun bear, large spotted civet and clouded leopard, and opens the possibility of tiger reintroduction


VCS 1168

CCB Gold:
Climate , Community, Biodiversity


Kulera Landscape REDD+

The project targets 169,136 ha of forest in the border zones of 3 critical Protected Areas – islands of standing forest in a heavily degraded landscape

These protected areas have high biodiversity values, being habitat for iconic African species (mammals and reptiles), over 160 bird species and 215 orchid species

Degradation pressures are rapidly increasing as the local population intensifies and expands their exploitation of forest resources to unsustainable levels

In a pro-poor approach to community-based sustainable forest management, the project empowers more than 45,000 households (over 800 villages) within the surrounding 10 km

Kulera is strengthening land-tenure and governance; undertaking forest protection activities like patrolling; helping reduce fuelwood use and creating alternatives; and developing local enterprises based on sustainably harvested non-timber forest products like honey and coffee

Congo (DRC)

Congo (DRC)
VCS 934

CCB Gold:
Climate , Biodiversity

SDGs: 2
(4, 15)

Mai Ndombe REDD+

Project protects 300,000 ha of the world’s second largest intact tropical rainforest; supporting some of the world’s most impoverished and marginalized people, in one of the least-developed places on Earth

Enormously bio-diverse, it is critical Bonobo and forest elephant habitat

Your carbon dollars provide basic development needs for 180,000 remote people with little or no access to basic social services

Working closely with villages and communities it deals with the leading deforestation drivers – logging, agriculture and fuelwood/charcoal

Participatory, community-based conservation approach focuses on addressing logging; sustainable agriculture and development; and village-centred capacity building:

  • Schools: 3 built (4 more under construction)
  • Established mobile medical clinic, treating thousands of patients
  • Emergency vaccinations provided to children in all villages during the 2019 Measles outbreak


VCS 981

CCB Gold:
Climate, Biodiversity

Pacajai REDD+

Project Area is over 123,000 ha and is constituted by 15 individual Glebas (plots) that contain only forest at the project start date

Project avoids and prevents unplanned deforestation, avoiding emissions of over 9.5 million tCO2e across 40 years

It has provided the first stage of land tenure processes to over 200 different households in the region

Medium-term goal is to allow forest regeneration by reducing area under cassava and focusing on alternate crops with a smaller footprint.  It has provided a one-on-one course for agroforestry systems

350 energy efficient cookstoves provided to the project’s riverine people plus cookstoves provided to villagers within the project boundary and nearby, for cooking and cassava production

Project zone has two critically endangered primates (Ka’apor Capuchin and Black Bearded Saki) and the endangered Giant Otter.  Other threatened mammals include the Giant Anteater, Giant Armadillo and Oncilla.  Many bird, amphibian and fish species are endemic to the Eastern Amazon


GS 886

SDGs: 7
(3, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 15)


Sustainable Deployment of the LifeStraw® Family in Rural Kenya

The first program directly linking carbon credits with safe drinking water, the project distributed over 1,000,000 LifeStraw® Family units

Each point of use, instant microbiological purifier unit delivers at least 18,000 litres of EPA-quality drinking water, enough to supply a family of five with microbiologically clean drinking water for three years

The water filters treat contaminated drinking water, reducing the demand for conventional water treatment (boiling water with non-renewable biomass sourced from forests)

The system requires no electricity or additional consumables beyond the unit itself

Saves 1.5 million tonnes of wood from being burned each year, slowing deforestation among Kenya’s dwindling woodland and helping maintain Kenya’s biodiversity

Reduces incidence of waterborne diseases achieving a statistically significant reduction in the odds of diarrhoea, dysentery and severe dehydration among under-5’s using it exclusively

Women and children spend less time gathering and carrying firewood and it reduces their exposure to poor air quality from burning firewood to heat water


VCS 1477

CCB Gold:
Climate, Community, Biodiversity

SDGs: 9
(1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 13, 15, 16, 17)

Katingan Peatland Restoration and Conservation

Covering one of Indonesia’s largest remaining intact peat swamp forests, the project is protecting and restoring nearly 150,000 ha of peatland ecosystems and is reforesting over 4,400 ha

It contains vast carbon stocks, over 14 million tonnes above ground and over 546 million tonnes in the peat

Without the project, the forest would have been converted to fast-growing industrial pulpwood plantations

The project area is biodiversity rich, supporting 384 animal and 314 plant species

Home to 2 critically endangered, 11 endangered and 31 vulnerable species

It has over 5% of the world’s Orangutan (almost 4,000), Bornean Gibbon (almost 10,000) and Proboscis Monkey (over 500)

Containing no permanent human settlements, it is surrounded by villages, supporting traditional livelihoods including farming, fishing, and non-timber forest products harvesting


VCS 612

CCB Gold:
Climate, Biodiversity

SDGs: 2
(8, 15)

Kasigau Corridor Phase II – The Community Ranches

Protects a 169,000 ha corridor of tropical dryland primary forest threatened by mosaic deforestation from slash and burn agriculture and illegal charcoal

The project area contains 300 year old trees, 50+ large mammal species including cheetah, lion and elephants, 20+ bat and 300+ bird species

  • Ranger stations established with training provided – recruited from local communities
  • Community Wildlife Scouts address illegal activity – charcoal, bushmeat and poaching
  • Community based eco-charcoal production developed – alternative to charcoal from primary forest
  • Organic clothing factory training and employing young women – creating organic cotton clothing for export to USA and Europe
  • Organic nurseries sell citrus trees and jojoba – sales fund free seedlings for local farmers
  • School works funded – expanded education bursary scheme
  • Ecotourism and agroforestry developed – employment and training

Beyond Neutral, an Australian company selling global solutions to a global problem

Some Guiding Concepts

Go beyond carbon neutral – it’s where we need to be – carbon neutral is a worthwhile place on the climate journey but its not the destination

Undertake climate actions with multiple benefits that improve sustainability – do more/ get more with your carbon dollar!

An effective climate response goes beyond just complying – it really is the minimum  – what are you willing to do?

If carbon neutrality is a race to zero, then going beyond carbon neutral is the race to win

Carbon offsetting should be easy, to encourage greater uptake

Climate change is global

Enabling clients to achieve their climate needs and goals



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We provide reasoned climate advice based on extensive experience of carbon footprints, actions, reports and offsets

We work with your business to identify, reduce and neutralise your carbon footprint

In today’s carbon-constrained future, we assist you to respond, adapt and lead

We encourage and assist clients to be on the climate “front foot”

Our reputation for highly professional and accurate work

As you move forward on your climate journey, Beyond Neutral offers key services that you will need

Carbon footprint is created by many emission sources - we all have one, its what you do with yours that matters

Quality carbon footprint developed specifically for your business that gives you confidence to act on climate change

  • A good footprint is the foundation upon which our climate actions are built
Chimneys emitting air pollution including carbon dioxide

Comprehensive climate reports tailored to your requirements to report emissions, highlight actions and track progress

  • You need to know how your emissions have changed to see the effectiveness of your climate actions
Building Integrated PV

Creation of an effective climate action plan that works for you

  • Tracking, reporting and regularly reviewing your climate action plan strengthens your business’s climate response
Bonobo gathering water lily - Congo REDD+

Achieve carbon neutral and beyond, using carbon offsets with high sustainability co-benefits

  • Help improve the lives of the world’s poorest people and protect the world’s biodiversity hotspots
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